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The Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation produces and sells toys and gifts in many shopfronts. It is run by the conjoined twins Charles and Benjamin Armstrong. The company itself is a front for the Twins dream of a hive mind society. Nanobots are used to control certain people and further the Twin's vision.






The AFGC, while at first appearing to be a standard gifts company surviving off impulse buying, is actually a money making scheme to finance the Armstrong twins vision of a hive mind society. By controlling world leaders and important figure s,the Twins hope to control the general population and have them subject themselves for wiring. This wiring will become part of a web annihilating self thought.


The actual company itself has been around since the American civil war and shops can be found all over America. The current leadership happened after the death of the Armstrong twin's grandfather.The twins having smothered him to death to end his suffering on his deathbed. Once in charge the Twin's had dealings with Grey McClure and Karl Burnofsky over their newly developed nano tech.

Grey ended his involvement soon after but Karl continued to develop it for the Twin's needs.Once it was complete, the Twins started hiring people as Twitchers and started raising a private security firm called America Strong. their activities went unchecked until Grey McClure met Lear. Lear used Greys new biots to raise an organization called BZRK.

BZRK fought the AFGC for sometime and were shaken when the AFGC ordered a hit on the McClure family, although they failed to kill Sadie McClure. Despite their attempts the Twins never managed to kill Sadie and BZRK remained with a supply of money from McClure industries.

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