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Bzrk biot by monster man 08-d4vyn7k

Concept art of a biot from the BZRK game

Biots are microscopic genetically engineered creatures created by Grey Mclure in order to perform operations down in the microscopic level. He designed them because of his wife developing cancer, not trusting the nanotechnology of the AFGC.

Creation processEdit

Biots are grafted from the DNA of their creator along with the DNA of various creatures. A small tissue is placed into a creche which is then placed into a growth accelerator to grow the biot. While the biot is growing, it is disorientating for the controller. Typically two are created but if the controller is skilled enough, (i.e. Vincent. Nijinsky) more may be created.


Biots, depending on the twitcher, take on the appearance of a fusion of various macro insects, and the face of the biot will resemble your face (in a messed up, insect-faced, multiple-eye way). The biots can also be modified for specific roles. Wilke's biots were specifically designed for surveillance, and Vincent's contain an arsenal of weapons. the biots also have two sets of eyes. One set are insectoid eyes which are better at detecting movement and pseudo human eyes which see in color. The eyes take on the same color as the twitcher's eyes.


Biots have a variety of traits, for roles down in the nano. In combat, biots rely on their front claws the most. They can also fire beams and sulfuric acid at their opponents. For spinning, biots secrete nano wire out of a gland in their pseudo proboscis. Biots also have a limited supply of pins to link one part of the brain to the other.

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