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Charles and Benjamin Armstrong


Conjoined at the torso and head, with three eyes (one on each head, one in the middle), three legs (two fully developed and one useless short third in the middle).




Leaders of the AFGC

Charles and Benjamin Armstrong are the conjoined twins that run the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation. They are the main antagonists from the first two books, but become the second antagonist in the third book, after we find out Lear's true identity.


Charles and Benjamin are conjoined twins, who have three legs, three eyes, two working brains and one set of lungs. Their middle leg just lays in between there body, limp and their extra eye works with who ever is talking.Their whole life they have been judged for their deformation. They are very rich, so they wear formal and expensive attire. The have specially made clothes for themselves.


Charles and Benjamin run the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, but they also work in the nanotechnology business. Their home base is the Tulip Tower. They also owned two ships called 'The Doll Ships', as Charles and Benjamin would capture boys and girls, but mostly girls, and rewire them to love the twins, and treat them like Gods. Their first ship was blown up and their second ship crashed into Hong Kong, many years later.


Charles and Benjamin Armstrong were almost killed in the first book, then later on in the second book, and finally in the third book.

In the first book, Sadie McLure (Plath) rewires Benjamin's brain, causing the twins to argue, and have trouble moving coordinated. Plath is inside there head with her boots and could kill them through the nanobots, but she doesn't.

In the second book, the twins are on their Doll Ship when it ploughs into Hong Kong. They are saved from drowning by Ling, who pulled them to the shore. From their they fly back to New York to their Tulip Tower.

In the third book, Caligula begins the process of blowing up the Tulip Tower. The Armstrong twins are inside the building, along with Burnofsky, Wilkes, Plath, Keats and some armed men. Plath is trying to explain that the building is collapsing, but the twins are not listening. After Keats biot gets destroyed he goes into madness, and runs towards the twins. He is shot by one of the armed men. Plath and Wilkes run to escape the collapsing building, and Burnofsky releases a small batch of his duplication nanobots. They begin to chew away at the Armstrong twins, and the building collapses. Keats and Burnofsky fall through the window, and Keats manages to stop Burnofsky from releasing all of the duplication nanobots, which actually saves the whole world. Meanwhile, the Armstrong twins are falling from the building, and before they hit the ground they were separated by the nanobots, and they see each other for the first time. Burnofsky, Keats and the Armstrong twins are buried beneath the collapsing building.

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