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Dietrich is a BZRK double agent working as a twitcher for AFGC. It is unknown if his name is a false name, a BZRK name, or his real name.


Dietrich is a German with thin, very light blond hair and blue eyes. He is not a good twitcher (possibly due to previous experience with nanobots, intentionally hindering AFGC, or both) but achieved the top level. He is twenty five, older than most twitchers.



Dietrich first appears preparing to wire the German target. When he is informed that the German leader is no longer a target, he gets ready to assist anyone in trouble. He helps Sugar Lebowski capture Nijinsky, but knocks her out when she threatens to kill Nijinsky. He and Nijinsky tell Lear that it was necessary for Dietrich to break his cover. He returns to his and One-Up's lair. Dietrich then takes over Alfredo's nanobots, but doesn't get to the Japanese target and instead takes the Indian.

He vanishes after this.


Behind Dietrich's back, the AFGC twitchers call him Riff-Raff due to his hair.

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