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Lystra Ellen Alice Reid, known as Lear, is the leader and mastermind behind BZRK. She is first mentioned in BZRK as an invisible entity who gives orders to cell leaders around the globe, and continued to do so in BZRK RELOADED. However, her true identity and intentions are revealed in BZRK APOCALYPSE, where she is the main antagonist.


Lystra, is described as a beautiful woman. She has tattoos of all her victims on her body, making her very inked. She is described to say 'Yeah' a lot in her sentences.

Before BZRKEdit

Before BZRK, Lystra lived with her father, Caligula, and her mother. Her mother was described as a party woman, always wanting more than Caligula could give. One night when Lystra's mother came home, Caligula hit her across the head, knocking her unconscious. When he woke up, Lystra's mother was dead, with her throat slit. This was done by Lystra, but Caligula took the blame. Lystra was sent off to live with a different family, and as she got older she murdered them, and tattooed them screaming under her breasts.

Third BookEdit

Lear is found out to be a woman, after everyone thought she was a man. She goes into a total madness destruction killing over 30 million people by making biots for everyone. Lystra was with Bug Man in Cathexis Base in Antarctica weeks after the Madness started, as an effort to repel any attacking 'hydras' Burnofsky had left. Vincent, Plath and Wilkes, the three remaining survivors of BZRK New York along with a strike team led by Tanner, commenced an attack on Cathexis. Plath manages to wire Lystra with haunting visions of her dead mother, as Plath is shot herself.

Twenty years later, Lystra is still chained and supervised in Cathexis base, where she is still haunted by her visions.

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