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Noah Cotton (Keats)Edit

Noah cotton, or Keats was a member of BZRK

Described to have an interest in football as he was taught by his brother Alex Cotton, Kerouac, how to play goalie. He is an English boy described to have messy black hair, a fit build most likely due to his playing football and his most attention grabbing feature are his startling blue eyes. The book also states that unlike most men, Noah is exceptionally good at reading the emotions of women and their moods. He himself stating, "I found that instead of looking at their chest and bums the key was to look at their faces."

Noah Cotton becomes known as Keats, the name of a poet, that Sadie describes as being more addicted and depressed than crazy, as his alias in the BZRK New York cell. He is also stated to be an amazing twitcher being immensely talented at it, especially combat. Perhaps one of his greatest feats was doing what no other human could ever do: control 12 nanobots and two biots all at once able to move each individually at the same time.

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