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One-Up was a top-level twitcher working for the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Cooperation. Her fate is unknown as she disappeared after the first book.


One-Up is a teenage girl who could have been beautiful, however methamphetamine destroyed her teeth. After she stopped using methamphetamine she got a bad set of dentures that gave her the look of a shark. She is also described as looking naturally creepy, extremely thin, and very pale. She is also very fit.

She is weird, obsessive, tough, fearless, dangerous, and clinically insane.


Early LifeEdit

One-Up came from an Oklahoma suburb and soon became addicted to meth. At an unknown point not long before the series began, she was recruited by the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation and soon became a top-level twitcher. She also fights Kerouac at some point.


One-Up first wires a man to give Burnofsky access to governmental passwords before killing him shortly afterwards. She takes over the Bowen target when Burnofsky gets bumped off in the reshuffling. She finds Plath and Keats in a coffee shop and tries but fails to wire them. She succeeds in wiring the British Prime Minister and doesn't return to the series.

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