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Ophelia is an twitcher of Indian origin who works of BZRK. Under the cover of studying at university, she is secretly a senior member of the BZRK New York cell. Ophelia is first seen recruiting Sadie and aids in training both her and Noah. At the UN General Assembly, she is assigned the job of disrupting the AFGC twitchers inside the building. During this job she is accompanied by Wilkes.

During the fight which ensues when the hideout is found, her biots attach to one of the TFD's. However, Sugar Lebowski triggers a suit case bomb, destroying her biots and burning her legs off below the knee. Wilkes who is unharmed, called for help. Ophelia survived the emergency amputation of the remaining burned stumps of her legs but was driven insane by the destruction of her Biots. She was then held in medical custody as a terror suspect and raving was uncontrollably. She was later killed by Caligula, who injected white phosphorus into her head, thus preventing her from spilling any secrets, and preventing any nano-technology from being found on her during an autopsy.


Ophelia is described as pretty, and she comes from an Indian origin. She has a bead on her forehead and long black hair. Ophelia is described to have multiple smiles, from a light up the room smile to a cold smile. She was the best weaver and wiring member from BZRK.

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