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In a link to the characters page that is in a list with other character links, it should have two series of brackets in it. the first bracket contains the title/position/job that the person has. The second bracket contains the current condition that the person is in, deceased/MIA/unknown/injured(physical or mental). Although you can add more.


In the character page, the basic information of name(s), age, appearance, alliances, jobs and the persons involvement in the story (story line) must be included. The important info should go into an infobox template. Other information that isn't necessary, but helpful can be included, such as battle tactics, personality, trivia, memorable quotes and lots of other stuff. Pictures if available should also be included.


The information here should contain a picture, who uses it, who invented it, how it's used, what it looks like and info on other features. Again use infoboxes


Organizations should contain information on who runs it, a complete list of known characters-Major and Minor, technologies used and a short history. Other info that is helpful is ideologies and pictures. Make sure to use infoboxes.

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